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Your childhood dream has been to work for a television channel, hasn’t it? Do you have the necessary requirements? No? Well, if you don’t have, you are not going to stand a chance. The job market is very competitive and getting a job in a media channel can be quite challenging. Why don’t you follow a course on media studies specifically on the area that you are interested in.

By the way, what aspects/s of the media are you interested in? Oh, really? So, one of the areas that you want to specialize in is motion graphics. Good, you will have a great future. There is a lot of scope in this field. Do you have already some idea as to what it is? No? How did you then become interested in this field? Did you say that you friends talk about it? What have they been saying about it? Ah! They think it is an interesting field. Did they only say that it is an interesting field? Ah! They also think that there is a lot of scope for the future in this field.

Yes, they are right.What did you say was the other area you are interested in? Is it mobile video production? Yes? Another interesting area, isn’t it? Why don’t you either follow an on-line course? They are plenty of good online courses available. Honestly speaking, I do not know of any, but I am sure my friends would know. Many of my friends are into media. I’ll talk to one of them and get you the relevant details. Mind you, merely following a course will not be sufficient. You will have to undergo training as well. It is also important to constantly update your knowledge. With the rapid advancement of technology, everything is in a constant state of flux. Do you get my point? Well, achieving your childhood dreams is not impossible. All you have to do is believe in your dream, set goals, and work towards achieving them. It is indeed possible. There is nothing that man cannot do. Of course, you will be encountering a lot of obstacles in your path. Apply the right antidotes, and your obstacles will become the path. It is you who should pave the way for your future. Do not wait for others to do things for you. Dream big. Dream of owning a television station and not of merely working in one, and your dream will certainly become a reality one day in the very near future.

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Babies grow up so fast and their first year will be filled with surprises and new discoveries. This can be very exciting for a new parent. They go through many milestones such as sitting up by themselves, speaking their first word, choosing their first soft toy and smiling for the first time. These are precious moments for a parent to cherish. There are a few things you can do to document these sweet memories and we will be discussing some of them in the article below.

A new member of the family is a cause for celebration. If you have a sweet tooth and you’re a lover of food, you can celebrate each month with a beautifully decorated cupcake or a dessert. You can even make it a family event. Not just to celebrate a new life but to celebrate the bonds that bring you all together. Parenthood isn’t all roses and rainbows either as you will have to wake up at odd times and be laden with hundreds of chores. It will be a refreshing for you to step out of the house and socialise with friends and family.

You can also order baby milestone cards or stickers to celebrate each precious moment of your baby’s life. It’s a time for celebration and happiness. You can insert pictures and photos in these cards. Speaking of photos, they are an ideal way of documenting the tiny steps your baby takes. You can create a series of photographs of your baby at varying stages of their life and produce a montage. For example, you can take a photo of them at the same place every day for a period of time just to see how they transform. You hardly notice them changing while you’re in the moment but once time sweeps you by, you’ll be astounded at how much they’ve changed and learnt. You will be able to create a time lapse video out of this.

You can involve friends and family who live further away from you as well. Send them some milestone baby cards to keep them up to date with your little one’s progress. You can include a letter inside as well. This will actually get you into the habit of writing. What better way to polish up your writing skills and connect with your loved ones at the same time?

You can even create a story of firsts. It’s quite simple. All you have to do is get a chalkboard and write all the details on what your baby has accomplished so far. Make sure to include photos. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a chalkboard. You can pin them up on a foam board or decorate your fridge with a list of firsts. You can even do this digitally.

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