How To Shop At A Yard Sale

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Yard sales are a mix of both fun and chaos, especially because most of us tend to get carried away by all the treasures being sold at discounted prices. So here are a few helpful tips to aid you in your yard sale shopping endeavours:

Carry a tote bag and plenty of small change

Because you are certainly going to need both. Especially if you want to purchase multiple small items you will need some way to carry them. You will also want to be able to pay for the smaller and cheaper items because the sellers may not have much change. An additional trick with the tote bad is that you can bundle all your purchases and offer one price for it at the end of your shopping instead of paying for each item individually which means the owner will feel more compelled to give you a great deal. Remember to negotiate in order to get the item at the best deal if you notice that it has been overpriced.

Be early and also come back later

Ever heard the phrase ‘the early bird gets the worm’, well turns out it is true. The earlier you show up the more time you will have to look around and find the best items before anyone else finds them. After you purchase what you need it is best to come back when the garage sale is just about to end because you will have noticed that the prices of most items are slashed and some items are now even free because the owner no longer wants to be burdened with them and cannot seem to sell them. The later it is in the day the more likely the sellers are to bargain.

Be smart and check everything that you are buying

You are bound to find guitar for sale among other instruments that will mostly be in good condition. But you need to examine it properly first. You can google the brands and models on any smart device to make sure that you are buying an authentic brand and that the item is worth its price. Remember to test it out too because once you buy it, it is unlikely that you will be able to return it if it does not work.

Know when to walk away from a purchase

Always note that no matter how tempted you are by what’s for sale whether it is fender guitars in Australia, a doll house, a pair of shoes or a cupboard always thoroughly check the item before you purchase it and if you feel like it is not worth the price then walk away because you can buy most of these things elsewhere at better prices and in better conditions.Garage sales are exciting and often have many hidden gems if you only pay attention, do not purchase without doing research, look around carefully, haggle well and you are bound to be taking a few treasures home with you.

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